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Gawade Green Power are providing premium quality electrical Annual maintenance Contract services of products supplying top class first-class electrical Annual maintenance agreement offerings of merchandise which consist of Control Panel Installation Service, Electrical Control Panel Service, HT Panel Installation and Repair Services and Panel Installation.
  • Electrical Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC): Gawade Green Power offers premium quality AMC services for various electrical equipment.
  • Services covered: Our AMC includes control panel installation, servicing, HT panel installation & repair, and general panel installation.
  • Focus on quality: We use top-notch electrical components procured from reliable vendors.
  • High-quality components: Uses top-rated electronic panels and transformers.
  • Automation expertise: Ensures automation for efficient operation.
  • High voltage capable: Handles high voltage electricity supply.
  • Improved machine functionality: Optimizes machine performance.
  • Enhanced safety: Adheres to strict quality assurance guidelines.
  • Reduced downtime: Minimizes disruptions in industrial systems.
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