Industrial Load Bank

Industrial Load Bank
Industrial Load Bank

Product Description

Industrial Resistive Load Banks are the most commonly used load banks for testing of generator sets and power systems. They can provide full KW loading to the power source to completely evaluate the engine cooling, exhaust and fuel systems. They will not load the generator to its full nameplate KVA capacity at 0.8 Power Factor. In order to load the generator to its full KVA rating, Inductive load banks will be required.

  • Develop the electrical loading, change or disperse the consequent power output of the source.
  • Included with load elements such as control as well as accessory devices needed for operation.
  • Give same loading for both prime movers and generators.
  • Load is made by the transmutation of electrical energy into heat through high-power resistors.
  • Re-create real-life resistive loadings, such as incandescent lighting and heating loads.
  • Designed for the testing of switchgear, transformers, large generators and UPS systems.
  • Ideal for power plants, shipyards, OEMs and data centers.
  • Perfect for regular scheduled commissioning and maintenance testing of mission-critical secondary emergency power systems, where rated power factor, rated kVA and rated current testing is needed.
  • Factory experiment of engine diesel generator sets and turbines.
  • Battery and UPS system testing
  • Ground power testing
  • Optimization of load in prime power applications
  • Periodical exercising of stand-by engine generator sets
  • Data center tests (air-conditioning and electricity)
  • Load rejection tests