Pneumatic Trolley

The trolley is completely pneumatic and designed for safe use in satisfy the requirements of offshore environments the surface is either lacquered in step with NORSOK trendy or hot dip galvanized and the load surface is included with hardwood. The self-levelling axles ensure that the weight is constantly lightly
divided and the 4 wheels stay in touch with the ground at all times.The trolley is designed for masses weighing between 1 and 10 tonnes. outfitted with a parking brake and an adjustable velocity control for riding forwards/backwards the trolley and load can be properly operated.numerous oil and gas agencies have already invested in
fixing’s new trolleys to enable their offshore structures to benefit from the many blessings.

Capacity 9 tonnes
Length 2 374 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 605 mm
Load carrying surface
Length 2 000 mm
Width 840 mm