Generator On Rent

Gawade Green power provides a generator on rent by cost per day, monthly or yearly in India For industrial purposes.
We are pioneers in Industrial generator on rent in Pune service.We supply a wide range of generator on rent at a competitive rates, based on client needs and its wide distribution networks. We also offer special discounts for our clients if the hiring period is of long duration.
The Industries we serve such as Manufacturing Industries, schools & colleges, construction projects, Malls, Oil & Refineries, commercial buildings, hotels, Highways & Metro Stations.
Suppose if you are looking to rent a generator for your industrial purpose. Gawade Green Power offers a good service at a reasonable price with good 100% genuine product. We provide several advantages and reasonably economical pricing, and we are one of the best generators renting companies and is very flexible. It will give you a fabulous customer experience at a fairly reasonable price. Our Generator rental solution and  Trolley for Generator are used in a wide range of industries and applications as per requirement and budget.
  1. Oil and Gas industry
  2. Mining Industry
  3. Government Projects
  4. IT Industry
  5. Event Industry
  6. Banking & Insurance
  7. Heavy Industries
  8. Manufacturing
Our Services
  • We offer you each type of service related to generator hire or generator renting.
  • As per requirement analysis, We provide you a top notch service. Our staff is highly skillful, & Knowledgeable.
  • You can find various types of generators to rent like Cummins, Ashok Leyland, & Kiloskar generators; the service provided is excellent.
  • These generators are soundproof and produce minimal sound while running.
Technical Specifications:
  • You can find generators starting from 6kW. It goes up to 2 megawatts.
  • The generator produces sound up to 78db.
  • The voltage required to run the generator is 415 volts, and their capacity varies from 5Kva to 500Kva.
  • These generators are being delivered in vans or trucks to your requested place.
Different varieties of generators are available to rent, such as diesel generators, industrial generators, etc. Our Generator are of high quality, provided at a fair price; the generators are well designed and durable. The fuel consumption is also significantly less. Just search for  Generators to rent near me, Gawade Green Power solutions and we will be avaliabel for you for 24/7 for your service requirement for generator.
Generator on rent 5kVA to 125kVA
Generator on rent 5kVA to 125kVA
Generator on rent Multi mega watt
Generator on rent Multi mega watt
Ashok Leyland Genset with Van
Ashok Leyland Genset with Van